Shop Hours:  Wednesday thru Friday 11am - 6pm, Saturday 11am - 3pm
We recommend calling before driving out

We have a lot of changes in store for 2024
Happy New Year and welcome to our world
We will be starting yet another addition onto the shop and I have spread all my projects way to much around the shop and so decided I needed to get Jerry busy again making me a studio.
We are hoping the building process will not interfere with your shopping experience and once complete you'll be welcome to come and sit awhile!!
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7024 Orient Road, San Angelo, TX      325 262-5447
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 The shop is filled with all sorts of fabric for quilting and hand embroidery and all sorts of needle arts.
Along with quilting fabric and supplies we specialize in handwork and strive to offer items that are hard to find in local sewing shops.  
Silk Ribbon in a selection of sizes - 2mm, 4mm & 7mm in pre-colored and hand-dyed  
Velvet ric-rac that looks great on both embroidery work and on your quilts.
#5, #8 & #12 Hand dyed Pearl Cotton
#8 Hand dyed Silk Perle
Two weights of hand dyed Wool Thread
Hand dyed Rayon Chenille
Six-strand Embroidery Floss hand dyed in both Cotton and Silk
All these threads are very affordable  Cotton is $2.98 per 10 yd skein and silk $3.98.  These threads are dyed on handmade skeins.  We do not purchase pre-made skeins of thread and then dye them, they are handmade.  This includes the six-strand silk, and three sizes of silk perle.  It allows us to check out each and every strand of thread for flaws to make sure you are getting the best quality for your money.

We also carry regular Presencia thread in both Perle Cotton and Six Strand Cotton.

Of course, along with all this we do offer the tools to go with these tasks, needles in all types and sizes both for hand and machine work. 
Scissors & Snips
Thread Heaven 
Thimble replacements
And lots more!

We are now carrying supplies for needle felting - dry & wet. 

We don't want you to think that we are not involved with the quilting side of our business.  You will find original quilt designs plus a variety of fabric techniques offered in our classes to give you a chance to dabble in an area you might not know.  Check back regularly to see pictures of our latest projects.  

Peruse around the website and if there's anything you want, or don't see, call or text 
325 262-5447 and we'd be happy to help.

APQS LONGARM QUILTING MACHINE FOR SALE.  I bought a computerised APQS machine this year as my hands could not deal with the free handed quilting on the Millenium.  Contact during regular shop hours for information

6 FOOT WIDE WET FELTING MACHINE FOR SALE.  I bought this machine to work all the alpaca fiber I had into felt sheets for rugs and wall hangings.  I am running out of time to get proficient in all these skills and have decided I need to move this electric machine on to a new home.  Call for more info.