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CLASSES  call to sign up - space limited
Please go here to read our CLASS RULES
NOTE:  We plan our classes to allow time for completion of the project in class.  Sometimes this means that we will have pre-cut pieces for the class (I know you're so disappointed that you  won't get to do all the cutting).  Since everyone, other than the beginners, are well versed in cutting we feel that we do not need to spend our time in class doing what we already know.  Of course if it is a beginner class and cutting is important to the learning process this will not apply.  

2PM - 5PM                                    $15 + kit $9.95

Well there are three new pincushions to complete the critter sets and next is the skunk.  Come and learn to work with wool and take home a finished pincushion.
Two sessions being offered, an afternoon or evening.


6PM - 9PM                                    $15 + kit 

If you cannot attend class during the day we have evenings planned to accommodate time slots.       

Tues 24th - LOVE WORD BOOK
​6-9pm                                            $15 + $5 kit

Those that have seen my folded books have been long-awaiting instructions on how to do it.  
You will only need to bring a good mechanical pencil and a 12" ruler with cm (I recommend a metal ruler but not crucial).
It's fun, come see how to make it.


2-5pm OR 6-9pm                                $15 + $9.95 kit

Another fun pincushion, the Fox.  There's been requests to offer it again so those that could not get into the first class, here's your chance.  Afternoon or evening slots available, you need only sign up for one.

The Fiber Co-op is not offering classes at this time.