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NOTE:  We plan our classes to allow time for completion of the project in class.  Sometimes this means that we will have pre-cut pieces for the class (I know you're so disappointed that you  won't get to do all the cutting).  Since everyone, other than the beginners, are well versed in cutting we feel that we do not need to spend our time in class doing what we already know.  Of course if it is a beginner class and cutting is important to the learning process this will not apply.  



10AM - 5PM                                    $35 + kit $9.95

This is a fun class where you will learn thread painting on organza.  After stitching the design will be cut and manipulated with a special hobby burning tool..  Beginners welcome.


Saturday 4th - DOT PAINTING - 3 SESSIONS
11AM - 3PM                                    $35 + kit $9.95

An introduction to dot painting.  The first class will be painting on a paper weight and will progress to more detailed painting as the classes progress.  Paint will be provided in class.  Dot painting tools available at the shop.


Saturday 2nd - WONKY HOUSES
11am - 5pm                        $35 + kit $12.95 

A fun introduction to sewing machine applique with wool.  This class will give you the guidelines to prep and cut the houses, stitch them onto the background then embellish either by machine or with hand stitching.  

Students will also learn Vanessa's quick fabric mitred border and the pic will be mounted and framed in class.

11am - 3pm                                    $25 includes monthly kit
                                                         $27.95 book

This repeat class is set to go!  Hexagon blocks will be provided at the beginning of each class.  This is a hand embroidery block-of-the-month.  As well as the instruction in the book Vanessa will share tips and tricks to master all the stitches that will be learned making these blocks.  A order of stitching will be given out each month to help students.

NOTE:  Anyone that took this class previously is welcome to come and join in to finish their projects!


Saturday 6th - BEAD EMBROIDERY
11am - 5pm                                    $35 + kit $9.95

Take beads from your stash and make these stunning ornaments that can be displayed on your purse handle or as a tree decoration during the holidays.  Kit includes everything to complete the class.

Student will learn how to lay out the beads to make their unique design then back the medallion and bead around the edges to give it a beautiful finished look.


Saturday 11th - VICTORIAN PURSE - 2 sessions
Sunday 12th  1pm - 3pm

Saturday 11am - 5pm                                $35 + kit $24.95

A fun little purse that once you learn how to construct it you won't just make one!  No sewing or beading experience necessary.   We'll make sure you learn it all in class.  Second session is to put together the purse and after learning the stitch and stitching the first seam you will be able to go home and complete it.  


All classes are $35 for a one session class, others will be posted
Payment is required at time of registration
Cancellation will not receive a refund unless a replacement student is available
Kit fees can be aid on day of class - kits will be used unless otherwise stated
Materials list will be provided (if necessary) upon registration