hand painted sock or fingering weight yarn made in the USA SockFingering
Sock knitting is so very popular now so we decided to come up with a line of sock yarn.  Pictured here are two skeins of exactly the same yarn, one as it came from the dyeing sequence and one after the yarn was re-wound.  This is to give you more of an idea of how the colors blend together.  This is not to say this is the way the finished item will look as it all depends on the project you use it for.   
100% wool  231 yds  50gms/1.75ozs    $7.95
#5336                           #5338                           #5333
#5335                           #5336                           #5334   
#5337 top/5339 bottom    #5335                    #5339
This yarn is a little different.  It is a one-ply sport weight wool and is a tougher fiber than the sock yarn above.  This will make up into really nice outdoor/hiking socks, after all, you're feet don't really need ultra soft fiber!
This yarn actually knits up softer than it feels in the skein.                            
250 yds   2.7ozs/76.5grams $12.95 per skein
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