Bronte Community Center 
Bronte, Texas9:30am - 5pm

The Wool 'N Cotton Shop and The Fiber Co-op have joined together to organize a Quilter's Stash Sale/Swap.
The location is at the Bronte Community Center in Bronte, TX.
You are invited to join in the celebration by booking a booth for the day’s festivities.  Oh boy, can you just imagine the fun a building filled with quilters is going to be???
The date of the sale is Saturday September 16th and setup will begin at 8:00 am.  
One table will be provided in your 8' x 10' space, along with two chairs.  There are options for two people to share a booth.  A shared booth will be provided with two tables and two chairs - in the same single space.
The Bronte Volunteer Fire Department will be catering the event.  It will be a fund raiser for them so we are hoping for a hungry crowd!
Mail your check and registration form to : The Wool "N" Cotton Shop, PO Box 393, Bronte, Texas 76933

QUESTIONS?  Call Denise 325 659-2000 or Vanessa 325 262-5447

LOCATION:  Bronte Community Center, Bronte, TX
SPACE:_____ 8’ X 10’  $30,     _____ SHARED  $35
1 table, 2 chairs provided.  No dividers.  Limited electricity available.  You must provide your own extension cords. 
If the inside spaces are all sold, there will be overflow space outside for $20.
DEADLINE:  SPACE IS LIMITED.  Booth assignments will be assigned by date application received.  Your payment must accompany your application and be received NO LATER than April 14th, 2016.
CANCELLATION:  Please contact prior to sale if you must cancel your reservation.  If it is less than 24 hrs then no refund will be given.  If for any reason WNC/TFC must cancel the show, booth fee will be fully refunded.  We reserve the right to relocate the venue, if necessary, to a comparable site in the area. 
SECURITY:  Every effort will be made to protect your property; however we will not be responsible for loss/damages
PARTICIPATION: We will not be accepting applications from brick and mortar stores or Online shops. We will however permit Guild Fundraiser groups.
ITEMS: You may sell/swap anything you want, thread, fabric, patterns, notions, machines, rulers, etc., as long as it is sewing/quilting related. We do ask you provide one item of your choice for a door prize drawing.

NAME: ____________________________________________________
If a shared booth, please state both names
PHONE: _______________________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________
Acceptance of contract - SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________________________

QUESTIONS?  Call Denise 325 659-2000  Vanessa 325 262-5447

Please note:  Stash sale has changed dates, our sale will be held Saturday, April 28, 2018